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Gendon Polymer Services Featured in Wire & Cable Technology International

With the launch of Gendon’s new website this year, our company was featured in Wire & Cable Technology’s September/October 2020 issue.

An industry leader in the global wire and cable business, Wire & Cable Technology International (WCTI) magazine is written and circulated exclusively for the wire and cable industry, for manufacturers, processors, distributors and users of electrical, communication and mechanical wire and cable.

Global Leaders in Wire and Cable Design

Located in Bolton, Ontario, Canada, Gendon Polymer Services is a specialty compounder that specialises in fire resistant polymers, and low-smoke, zero halogen (LSZH) compounds for wire and cable applications.

“Gendon has been in business since 1993, creating market-leading compounds that meet the needs of a wide range of wire and cable applications,” says John Pruett, director of sales and marketing of Gendon Polymer Services. “We are confident in the versatility, durability and performance of our compounds and hope our new website will help convey Gendon’s unique competitive advantage, elevate our online presence and drive our business growth in the years to come.”

Gendon has deep experience and world-class knowledge in the design and processing of insulation, bedding and jacketing compounds. Our polymer compound product line encompasses thermoplastics and thermoset-based compounds, LSZH compounds and low-smoke nonhalogenated (LSNH) compounds.

For thermosets, Gendon offers radiation cure, chemical cure and moisture cure for the North American and global marketplace.

Wire and Cable Applications for All Industries

Gendon’s compounds are designed for challenging wire and cable applications in military/shipboard, transit, communications, power and utility, oil and gas and other industrial markets such as building products, mining and tunnel ventilation, fire safety, alternative energy and packaging.

For decades, Gendon products have performed consistently in extremely harsh, aggressive environments with regard to flame and smoke properties, electrical performance and chemical resistance. And with well-established product brands such as Genflam, Genfil and GenNex, Gendon excels at solving its customers’ formulation challenges.

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