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No matter your industry, Gendon has you covered with highly engineered, mission critical, custom material solutions. Gendon Polymer Services is continually developing new compounds to meet the expanding needs of its customers.

Read below to learn more about Gendon’s wide spectrum of market segments, and some of the key products which help Gendon customers achieve compliance, safety and success in their endeavours.

Oil & Gas


Oil and gas resources undergo a stringent process of exploration, extraction and refining before reaching the consumer market. Gendon offers oil, gas and petrochemical companies cable solutions that are designed to meet industry demands safely, on time, and on budget.

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Power And Utility


As technology continues to progress, so does demand for energy across North America and around the world. Gendon is here to supply the industry demands with wire and cable compounds that are cost effective and resistant to the chemical and physical damage.

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No matter the mode of transportation, be it subway, train or bus, the safety and performance of the cables used in this industry are mission critical. Gendon delivers these crucial wire and jacketing polymers to transit authorities across North America.

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As a leading manufacturer of wire and cable solutions for the modern telecommunications industry, Gendon products link communications services to the subscriber. Whether it’s copper or fibre-optics based cables, Gendon’s polymer compounds for jacketing, insulation and cross-webbing are designed to be flame retardant, cost-effective and durable.

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Military & Shipboard


The military and shipboard industry faces unique challenges – salt, moisture, corrosion and other harsh environmental factors. Gendon’s specialty wire and cable compounds for this sector are designed to be low smoke, zero halogen and built to withstand the extreme environmental challenges of sea.

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Polymer compounds are necessary in a variety of industrial sectors, including alternative energy, fire safety, mining and tunnel ventilation and building products and construction materials. Gendon’s solutions are engineered to perform reliably in the most demanding environments and serve a full spectrum of customer requirements.

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