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GenNex DS3350

GenNex® DS3350

Code: 3350

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GenNex® DS3350 is a peroxide crosslinked, Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) primary insulation compound designed to meet the requirements of UL44 for RHH/RHW‐2 for both 600V and 2 kV constructions. The GenNex® DS3350 has been designed to process easily on standard wire and cable equipment and provide an excellent balance of physical, electrical and flame performance to the finished cable.


  • High flame retardancy
  • Excellent Wet Electrical properties
  • Good Processibility
  • Colourable
  • No Heavy Metals or Halogens
  • RoHS and REACH compliant


Density: 1.50 g/cm3
Tensile: 1700 psi (typical)
Elongation: 170% (typical)
Durometer: 95 Shore A
Cold Bend (14 awg sample):

  • 4 hrs. at ‐25ºC   Pass
  • 4 hrs. at ‐40ºC   Pass


Capacitance & Relative Permittivity @ 90ºC

  • SIC (24h) 3.63 (UL2556)
  • Capacitance Increase, 1‐14 days 1.67%
  • Capacitance Increase, 7‐14 days 0.38%
  • Stability Factor <1

Long Term Insulation Resistance in Water @ 90ºC  Pass  (UL2556)

Insulation Resistance Value after immersion in water @90ºC

  • 52 weeks (min. value >5 MΩ‐1000 feet)  Pass  (UL2556)
  • 104 weeks(min. value >5 MΩ‐1000 feet)  Pass


Limited Oxygen Index (LOI): 38%
Acid Gas: 0.2%
Vertical Flame Testing:

  • IEEE 1202 Flame (14 awg, 30 mil wall)   Pass  (UL1685)
  • Limited Smoke  Pass



Tensile Retention 110%
Elongation Retention 94%


IRM 902 – 96h@100ºC

Tensile Retention 65%
Elongation Retention 137%

IRM 902– 60d@75ºC

Tensile Retention 67%
Elongation Retention 138%


Extruder L/D: 15:1 or 20:1
Comp. Ratio: 1.25:1
Screen Pack: 20 mesh or none
Screw Type: Single Flight metering, without mixing section
Feed Zone: 190ºF
Screw Cooling: 165ºF
Gradient Cooling:  Not recommended
Center Zone: 210ºF
Die Cooling: Recommended
Color Concentrate: EVA Binder preferred
Head/Die: 230ºF


GenNex® DS3350 primary insulation compound has been designed to process easily on standard extruders used in the production of wire and cable. These materials are designed to process similar to elastomeric compounds, attaining maximum output levels at relatively low shear rates. Care should be taken to ensure that screw compression ratio levels are below 1.5:1, and flow restrictions in the crosshead are kept to a minimum. Melt temperatures above 260ºF (125 ºC) should be avoided.

The material can be extruded using either pressure or sleeving techniques. For generation of optimum physical properties, a drawdown ratio of 1.15:1 can be used. Conductor preheating is recommended, with a suggested temperature of 150ºF(65ºC).

GenNex DS3350 can be coloured in line, however for maximum resistance to flame it is recommended the material be supplied pre‐pigmented to maximize both colour consistency and flame performance.

All material are supplied as free flowing pellets, packaged in sealed foil lined boxes and do not need to be dried prior to use. It is recommended that the foil liners be re‐sealed after use to prevent outside contamination or water absorption during storage. If the material has been exposed to high humidity environment, or the foil liner has not been sealed, it is recommended that the material be dried for a minimum of 4 hours at 140ºF(60ºC) in a standard desiccant style dryer prior to use.

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