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Communications Data Sheets


Technical & Safety Data Sheets


Jackets / Insulations / Cross-Web compounds for use is telecommunication cable applications.


Product Product # Description Download Sheets
Genflam® OH-1 2142 (Black), 2368 (Red), 2392 (Natural), 2394 (White) For use as a communication and instrumentation cable or fiber optic cable thermoplastic jacket, or over armored data cable constructions. DATASHEET
SDS – 2142
SDS – 2368
SDS – 2392
SDS – 2394
Genflam® DC-10 2458 For use in category cable applications as a flame retardant cross web or divider tape.

SDS – 2458

GenNex® PP 25 3202 For use in category cable applications as an insulation to replace FEP in 1 or more of the twisted pairs. DATASHEET
SDS – 3202
GenNex® DS3350  3350 Designed for RHW and RHW-2 insulation applications. DATASHEET
SDS – 3350
GenNex® EU Ins Green
GenNex® EU Ins
3501, 2630 European infrastructure cables as primary insulation and transit jacketing applications.  DATASHEET
SDS – 2630SDS – 3501
Genflam® OH-R 2617 For use as a communication over armored data cable constructions. Designed to resist marring during installation of the cable. Excellent High Temp characteristics. DATASHEET
SDS – 2617