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The Best Of Gendon Polymer

Gendon Polymer Services is a specialty compounder based in Bolton, Ontario, Canada. Gendon is a prime developer of custom compounds for markets such as wire and cable.

Founded in 1993, Gendon has vast experience and world-class knowl- edge in the design and processing of insulation, bedding and jacketing compounds for wire and cable. Gendon’s polymer compound product line encompasses thermoplastics and thermoset-based compounds, low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) compounds, and low smoke non-haloge- nated (LSNH) compounds. In addition, Gendon offers radiation cure (EV beam) as well as peroxide (CV and Mold Cure) technologies for the North American and global marketplace.

Gendon offers a wide range of masterbatches, thermoplastic-based and thermoset compounds: polyolefin-based compounds (e.g., PP, PE, EVA); clorinated polyethylene (CPE)-based compounds; low-smoke halogenated and non-halogenated flame retardant (FR) compounds and flame retardant masterbatches (FRMBs); conductive polymer compounds; UV-stabilized masterbatches; and color concentrates.

Gendon’s compounds are designed for challenging wire and cable applications in oil and gas, power and utility, military shipboard,
data communications, transit, building products and other industrial markets. For decades, Gendon products have performed consistently in extremely harsh, aggressive environments with regard to flame and smoke properties, electrical performance and chemical resistance. With well-established product brands such as Genflam®, Genfil® and GenNex®, Gendon excels at solving its customers’ formulation chal- lenges.

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